Black Moon Vignettes 1 – The Bizarre Bar Block

A venue tucked to the side of a methadone clinic (the alternate center we sought out during Hurricane Sandy) with French futurist film projecting silently on the walls, a Death Note style font on the signs and matchbooks, and a concoction called “Absinthe Punch” that puts the lime in the wormwood. Johnny Bizarre’s (no relation to the bar itself) cabaret style show, which Eric & me were performing in as Astral Knife, went well, at least to the French owner of the bar and his friends, who seemed to enjoy it. In other dark corners, the antics of the various performers and stand up comedians were tragically putting a damper on the date of a hipster couple. The female half of the couple took herself far too seriously to be brought to a place filled with such carny-bdsm-vaudeville-avante-garde-rock-n-roll shenanigans, and said so quite loudly. (Ummm, sorry about that hipster guy. Or maybe: Glad to help you dodge that bullet, hipster guy. I don’t know which.)

Also, it turns out Enormous Face is not only a great conceptual performance artist, he was that same guy who wandered into the Evil Hippie Cult a few years back wearing a burlap sack. We had a laugh about that.



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