Black Moon Vignettes 2 – No-Ass Bros

Saturday in Washington Square Park, post Pagan Pride. On our way out Eric stops to use the men’s room and these douchebro yuppies make these smartass comment to him about his sexy gorgeous genderfucking freaky boy appearance so I start cursing them out in English and Spanish and why is this different from any other day???

Cuz none of the douchebro yuppies WERE WEARING ANY PANTS. They had ties and blazers and underwear but no pants. There were a couple other yuppies with the same attire though they weren’t part of this mess.

Anyway, next time I say “bland-ass yuppie” I’ll be speaking from pancake experience!!! XD Jerks.


The best I could guess is that with NYU being so close by, this was some kind of frat hazing thing. Anyway, in the early 2000’s I sang a song about these guys. I just didn’t know at the time these were the guys it was about.


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