Black MoonVignettes #3 – Death Couch

After party following the release of Steven Blush’s book on NYC Rock. Eric , along with a number of other musicians, ended up signing a number of copies alongside Steven at the gallery. In Eric’s case because of his affiliations with False Prophets and Missing Foundation.

The after party turns out to be in  a literally underground (as in basement) bar I recognize from a near death experience in the 90’s that involved prescription meds, alcohol, [redacted], and my out of control self-destructive tendencies. Only now, it’s 2016 and I’m revisiting the same room with Eric beside me and most of my impulses towards self destruction sublimated into other things.

“Eric” I whisper “This is a room I had a near death experience in. It was like swimming in black ether with these red and orange lights glowing off in the distance. That’s the couch I almost died on. I wanna fucking make out with you on that couch.”

We wound up leaving before long though.


Plus, check out this ad for the David Bowie coloring book Feral House put out, you can see my page at :09

Feral House Coloring Book I: DAVID BOWIE: Color the Starman from Feral House on Vimeo.


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