Saturday night’s show, Chris Iconicide’s Witch’s Night Out series. A showcase of female fronted acts. It’s a rainy three-day genocidal holiday weekend at a predominantly rock venue (one that’s always figured into whatever I was doing musically, somehow.) Reactions: three waxed-bearded and pressed-flanneled lumberjackoffs resumed talking amongst themselves once we quit simulating sexual acts on a VauxFlores Little Furry Oscillator . Other people compared us to no-wave, either particular bands or just…no-wave. Not only for our sound, I guess, but for the fact that we played to a room of  8 people, only about half of which actually got what we were trying to do and dug it. Which Eric tells me would have been par for the course for a no-wave show at the time.

And the thing is, I love it. Crossing genres, seeing different reactions. Confusing colonizers while reaching those with open ears.



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