Kink & Draw


Just a sketch I did at Tuesday’s “Kink & Draw” (ya know, like “drink and draw”?) at Abby E’s new place Lucky’s on Ave. B. Sparing you my gesture or color/shadow quickies.

The crowd was low-key and seemed very earnest about drawing. One woman seemed curious if I attended many other local drink and draws, stressing the importance of constantly keeping up one’s practice and these events being a way of doing it “cheaply.”. (The draw part maybe…the drink part, not so much.)

There’s a whole backstory as to why I sort of distanced myself from life drawing sessions and salons, and I didn’t feel like explaining it to a stranger any more than I feel like writing it out on here. So I just said, “Well I do take a sketchbook and pens with me wherever I go.”

“Oh, so you’re an authentic artist then” she said.

Meanwhile, Eric came back from a lengthy conversation with someone he knew and asked what I wanted to drink.

After the event the night ended at the bar with a dreadlocked skater from South America, one of the other artists and quite young, trying to have sincere conversations with other participants about drawing techniques. Meanwhile an older Betty-banged blowhard with an English accent was glomming onto him with some line about needing an artist for her startup company with financial backersssszzzzzzzz…

“You should talk to her too” the young guy said a bit anxiously passing the card to me. “She’s also good…”

“I can send you a link to my work in the morning.” I said thinking of, I dunno, the way freelancers actually conduct business or something while the woman glowered at me.

“Well it’s just me and I don’t have a lot of money, so it’s not like I could pay you.” she said before resuming game on the 20-something.


Damn, that’s funny.



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