Art Show On Short Notice At Van Der Plas Gallery


That’s the phone call I got this afternoon that had me abandoning everything else I was gonna do today to bring some pieces downtown to the double leveled gallery on Orchard Street. I’m excited to be getting called for things like this.

The show, called The Sound Of Color, will be up for one day tomorrow at Van Der Plas Gallery and then return Tuesday for a two week run.

From the press release:

One Night Art Show Highlights Rock and Roll, Punk Cultures of the Seventies and Eighties

Pop-up art show displays work that captures the essence of New York’s alternative music scene


NEW YORK, NY – October 29, 2016 – The Van Der Plas Gallery will host a one-night show this Saturday, October 29, 2016 featuring works by iconic artists and musicians that dominated New York’s music scene in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The “Sound of Color” art show, produced by curator and gallery owner Adriaan Van Der Plas, brings together the biggest icons of the NYC music scene in a revival of this vibrant and exciting time in the City’s history.

“This one-night show will be a truly unique experience, unparalleled to anything else in the New York art scene,” said Van Der Plas. “We are presenting a carefully curated display of innovative pieces that capture the essence of NYC’s musical underworld from the ‘70s and ‘80s.”

The artists featured in the show defined the art and music scene in New York during this period, and continue to receive rave reviews for their work. The show will include such important figures in the New York music scene as Hubert Kretzschmar, Johnny “JohnnyV” Velardi, Kevin Wendall, Shalom Neuman, J. Lawrence Brandt aka “Bat”, Linus Coraggio, Thomas Cox, Konstantin Bokov, J. Gonzalez-Blitz, Leslie Lowe, and Fly.



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