Our Light Cakes Brings All The Stars To The Yard


So I just had to repost this old snapshot from a few years back (with it’s bit of digital smudging), given the HI-larious Satanic-Panic over that Wikileaked email regarding John Podesta going to one of Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking Dinners”.  Tracing on Eric’s body with the post-coital potency of menstrual blood and semen. And yes, we put this in the Cakes of Light. And used them in our ceremony of Liber XV, cuz this is what Thelemites fucking do and we were all down with it.And they tasted goooood (which I attribute to the wine leavings and honey and a touch of galangal. You know, a whole lot of Love Under Will goes into making good Cakes of Light. And what is all anyone ever wants to talk about? Blood blood blood. Semen Semen Semen. Get outta my kitchen.)

Performance art aside though,what DOESN’T happen in our rites is anything like what Alex Jones described, though I’ll say that boy’s got quite a fanciful imagination on him.



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