LEN, A Lawyer In History booklaunch


Friday, Nov. 18th 7-10 PM

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe, & Activist Center

172 Allen St. NY NY 10002

Book launch for LEN, a graphic biography of attorney Leonard Weinglass written and drawn by Seth Tobocman. Seth Tobocman will narrate a slideshow of artwork from the book with music by Eric Blitz, J. Gonzalez Blitz & Andy Laties. Opening performance by Rebecca Migdal.

I’ve been accompanying the multimedia presentations of Seth’s work with samples and synth in the past month. I like it. We had one Tuesday at Loisaida Center that I didn’t get a chance to post about before it happened.It was the culmination of an emotional roller coaster week of marching to Trump Tower in the rain . Nothing much but a lot of chanting went on there, though I was pretty entertained by the yuppies who were infuriated at how their favorite 5th Avenue stores were blocked off. (WAAH! I can’t get to the Tommy Hilfiger store!) and pretty thrilled by all the truckers and cabbies honking in time with us or even getting out of their drivers seats and climbing on top of their vehicles in solidarity on the march up. Ironically later that week and nowhere near Trump Tower I was at an art event where some asshat no one really knew who had wandered in tried to accost me and a few others by our you-figure-out- whats, fingers curled to hook in, my temper flared and chaos ensued. Hey, I told you pendejos I grab back.




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