Cassandra Complected Kek


Dang you alt-right occult nerds I made this in 2013 after I hallucinated it and I didn’t even have to rip off anyone else’s cartoon frog cuz I’m good enough to draw Keket myself.
(On the downside being a fledgling schizoaffective prophet sucks cuz it’s fairly ineffectual)

When I posted this drawing after I made it three years ago I didn’t seem to have much to add beyond the image. I’m not sure I do now:

I just thought of it because I read this article about alt-right claiming to use memetic cyber-magick to get Donald Trump elected. This is a type of thing I’d read of the possibility of doing first in the 90’s, when I was beginning to read about Chaos Magick. The cyber memetic thing, not making Trump president. Personally I have about as much alt-right intent as an actual “Boy’s Club” comic by Matt Furie.


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