NODAPL NOISE Benefit Comp out on Cthonic Streams (with Astral Knife)

Now available for download! 50 tracks for the benefit of #StandingRock (as in proceeds go to Water Protectors)

Astral Knife’s track, “Black Snake Venom Red Dog Fang” focuses on the idea that the violence done to the Earth, the protestors at Standing Rock via attack dog, and humans who’s greed leads to the destruction/hoarding of water sources(the basis of all life of this planet) are nature being turned against itself.

And many props to Derek Rush, who got this project together and made it actually happen. From Derek:

the NoDAPL Noise Benefit Compilation has been released by Chthonic Streams on Bandcamp. For anyone who hasn’t seen my posts of the past week about the situation at Standing Rock Indian Resevation, scroll down my page and read the articles (these are not propagandist or so-called fake news sites). The situation is dire. Do a web search for more info. But while you do that, please buy, download and listen to these 50 tracks totaling 3.5 hours of intense and extreme sound. If you can, please consider paying more than the $15 because you’re getting an incredible amount of music and it is going to a good cause (plus PayPal and Bandcamp take cuts off the top). The money is all being donated to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at the end of each day. I will post proof of the donations in some form to anyone who asks to see them.

So. Thing sounds great, and it benefits the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, who will need money for supplies for the oncoming winter out there no doubt. Veterans and Cuban trained doctors are heading over there now.


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