Duet For Cannibals and The Other America

Fraught with anxieties, lure Eric into bed to watch Susan Sontag psycho-sexual weirdness where the eponymous cannibalism is merely implied.

But…gauze games. Yeah.

Earlier today I heard Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “The Other America” on the radio, and I’m hearing him again on Democracy Now!, where they’ve discovered previously unheard recordings of him speaking in London in 1964. Here’s the recording with some images, from their site:


In school they love to tell you that MLK had a dream and well…that’s pretty much it until he gets shot and becomes a Big Important Man In History. But I’ve listened to a number of his speeches when WBAI plays them and there a lot of ideas I agree with there. He was critical of capitalism, economic inequality, police brutality, etc. and in favor of the Creatively Maladjusted.


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