Astral Knife – Gurglepurr Tanith

Sometimes I make those older tracks that weren’t created for something specific available on Bandcamp. Me and Eric will have some new works soon, when I finish this writing this and this comic thing at the end of the month.

So. Inauguration weekend. A long-awaited health appointment for Eric prevented us from joining Seth and the Direct Action Ensemble to perform in DC. For better or worse though, I guess it kept my medication-impaired impulse  control away from anything too bright and shiny (Nazi punching! Burning limos! Comet Ping-Pong Pizza! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!) Instead, we opted to attend my own art opening at MF Gallery and give out copies of the free “How To Fight Back” comic I’m in with the other World War 3 artists there. As with the stack I left at Art on A people seemed to really like them.


And here is HOW TO FIGHT BACK in the gallery, with front and back covers by museum level artist Sue Coe. THIS is work of graphic free distributed agitprop that will ACTUALLY comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable because A) written by Seth Tobocman, each page contains actual information and resources. B) this thing is actually NOT afraid to use my artwork. C) This contains NOOOOOOO comics about “going to the spa and living well is the best revenge” being a “form of resistance”, because we don’t assume everyone can afford to just drop everything and do that, and really? You’re trying to tell me sitting your fat bougie ass in some overrated overpriced spa is a political act? Do you know what you sound like?!?!?!

(Ok, I know that was ONE comic on that other paper’s website. But DAMN!!!!)



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