Dementia Praecoxia Prints


Ok, so the one and only original of this is in an art collector’s private collection, and about that, I can say no more.But now framed or unframed giclee or canvas are available through Society 6! To be taken directly to the collection page for this artwork, click the link below: 

Today was good weather, which for January means it wasn’t rain or sleet. After my counselor I headed over to Washington Square Park to distribute copies of our samizdat HOW TO FIGHT BACK comic at a refugee/immigration rally I’d learned was happening over there, or at least as many as my tote bag can carry. (Discovery: My tote bag can’t carry that many at one time.)


6 thoughts on “Dementia Praecoxia Prints

  1. If you find listings for any of his works that cannot be found online, let me know. I have most all of them (paintings that is) in PDF format.


      • Mault is an amazing painter who is best known for a series which be came a Tarot deck for a particular occult organization, though he departed from that many decades ago, and has since become quite the musician as well. All of his work is very deep symbolically, and without occult understanding, his indications will not be clear. There is always more than meets the eye.

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      • Yes, I’m finding all the info now. I wouldn’t be surprised either if he and I had a few of the same favorite painters in common (thinking of names virtually every serious occultist I’ve ever met who is also an artist appreciates.)

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