Hep-C awareness angst & play piercing red & yellow thread creative de-stressing fun. (No, I don’t have it despite my doing things like this. 😉 ) And that was one of the first things they checked for when I got that bloodwork done…

It’s astonishing how much cleaner this feels than just cutting, or maybe because of my meditative practices because I’m more aware how energy is moving through the body. I’m doing it in tandem with measured 4-fold breath. The red and yellow thread symbolizes the thing that’s worrying me, when I pull them out, it’ll fall away. The knife has no part in any of this, I just like it.

They heal quickly. Today the faint pink marks are no worse than if one of our pet rats had climbed up my bare arm with their tiny claws.

Hepatitis C and the uncertainty and draconian costs of miracle “cures” like Harvoni still stress me out, as does the three-ring circus people must go through to get approved for it on the program if they don’t have that kinda scratch (does anyone know anyone who has that kinda scratch???) But I’m calm again.


Also totally unrelated to any of this, I made art prints available on Redbubble too. See which of these works better for me.


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