Little Plague Valentine


You don’t have to be lonely or a plague-bearer to give/receive a V-day card this spookycute. But if you are that’s cool too. And this design is available on apparel, journals, cups, and other stuff over on

I listen with relief to Amy Goodman report on Judge Robart’s against Trump’s monstrous Muslim travel ban while I wonder about ways to make myself into a better narrative fiction writer. I also wonder why I can focus on these two unrelated things at the same time while I’m sitting quietly by myself, but if two people talk to me at once I’ll get agitated as hell. But for now I am a “bad person who is very happy” XD

Or maybe the same thing applies to this that applies to people who always tell me not to be so negative: “DON’T TELL ME HOW TO FEEL!”

Wow. I never thought I’d be doing “don’t tell me how to feel” over being happy about something! Ain’t that some shit.



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