We Were At The Acker Awards

It’s occurred to me I’m not as talkative or forthcoming as I used to be when blogging. There are some different reasons for this, but there are as many reasons that it may be time to be again. Or at least use this blog as a tool to flex writing muscles. If it seems too embarrassing I can always go back to livejournal, right? I mean, who the hell reads livejournal? XD

Tonight me and Eric went to the Acker awards, which is a ceremony honoring artists and other people who have contributed to the LES community over the years. Several people we knew were getting awards this year, and lots more had turned up to cheer them on as well. It was nice, low key, and nice for an outing, since we’re going to be on the road to perform in Holyoke on Valentine’s Day (not like we really care about Valentine’s Day, other than it originated from/to compete with Lupercalia, a pagan holiday which involved wolves and flagellation).


By the way, not only is my phone camera low res, we were all the way in the back of the St. Mark’s Theater, back wall between Frank Wood and Sur Rodney (Sur) and these were the best pictures I could get of the ones that came out. Sorry!


2 thoughts on “We Were At The Acker Awards

  1. There is a saying, “Dance like no one is watching”. I say “Write like no one will read it”. Let it flow from your heart and mind, and if people don’t like it, they can read something else. I’m certain that a critic could find several issues with my writing, ideals, and expressions. I’m not overly educated, neither high-born. I’m just a guy with information and opinions, and everyone can take them or leave them. To my surprise I get more views, emails, and pats on the back, than I ever thought I would. Write for yourself, not for others.


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