Eaten Fish & Wet Foot Dry Foot


This is a drawing I made shortly before we left to call attention to Iranian refugee cartoonist Eaten Fish, who is being held at Manus Island along with two other journalists and seeking asylum in Australia. It was part of the #addafish campaign on his behalf.

Eaten Fish has a diagnosis of PTSD, severe OCD which manifests in needing to wash himself to the point of bleeding, and is prone to panic attacks, making him my cousin in mad pride as well as cartooning. He has been subjected to severe human rights abuses on Manus Island. Learn more at and He is currently on a hunger strike.

Meanwhile right here, I read an article today about Cubans who’ve been detained and deported of late, something I knew was going to become an issue. Let me be clear, I didn’t think it was fair to have a “wet foot dry foot” policy that singled out one group for treatment that didn’t apply to others. I also wasn’t deluded enough to think the exception was made from any compassion for Cubans, so much as the U.S. government’s hatred for communism and Castro. (I’d also like to be clear, if I haven’t been ad nauseum, that mis Abuelos immigrated here before the Revolution, because Batista was the dick!) Another link someone shared contained a photo essay from immigrant detainment centers meant to jar the American public awake with their overcrowded chain-link cages, trash and waste strewn floors, lack of medical attention. The kinds of things I’d usually only see footage of on Spanish TV news when I was looking after Abuelita. (make no mistake, these conditions existed before Trump. They existed under Obama and suspect they’d have continued under HRC. It’s just that under Trump I’m fearing the high-octane version.)




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