The Floorshow…

…was another circa late 80’s early 90’s goth/death rock band Eric played drums in when he was out in Los Angeles. A few clips from the production demo recently surfaced, including this one set to a photo shoot which involves a number of pallid momento-mori-ous glamour shots of my husband in raven haired, kohled splendor.

So yeah. there’s that.

Umm tattoos. Eyeliner. Profile. Oh yeah, and love strength and emotional support.

Yesterday he went with me to the pet store to pick out fish for a desktop aquarium I’d gotten on sale the day before, mainly because I have so many recurring dreams where I’m taking care of fishtanks. He wanted to pick them out together. We decided on 5 neon tetras in different colors and a sucker fish to help keep the rocks at the bottom clean. The tank is set up on the counter by the kitchen table so we can watch them while we eat breakfast or dinner. It’s really nice.


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