Platform Edge with Haruspex


Usually I’ll color this sick fuck’s hair hair green. But I did this for NY Waste, which is black and white printing, so I shaded his hair in black, and now he looks like some kind of reptilian Nick Cave. But I guess that’s ok since they’re both the zeitgeist of whatever the hell the point of this article is supposed to be.   

(My friend posted that article once a long time ago. It made me laugh. My friend writes incredible zines about murder. They make me wish I was a better fiction writer.)

I haven’t blogged in over a month. What did I do?

hit a creeper with my bow who tried to slip me the tongue while playing violin in the park

got invited with Eric to a mermaid parade GWAR wedding, ended up missing the ceremony due to an N train that stalled for 15 minutes AT. EVERY. GODDAMN. STOP. Became paranoid about the Universe in a downpour

had an art opening. Went to some other people’s art opening’s and book releases and film screenings and stuff. Was photographed with Eric by a guy who Bob Bert told me was a “very famous” downtown photographer. Meanwhile, another “very famous” downtown photographer skulked around various events looking nervous for some reason.

drank a beverage that involved bubble tea and cotton candy in an oversized light bulb on my birthday.

drunkenly extolled the virtues of Ital Shack to people who probably just don’t care.



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