There’s only so many back-to-back days of social obligations I can handle before I break down. Even if they’re all great. Even if I like everybody. I get overstimulated. I have to go be quiet.

I also probably shouldn’t be allowed out too long unsupervised. I made a friendly overture to someone at a friend’s event who turned out to be somewhere between starfucker and stalker. Not for me, but for my friend and certain other people Eric and me are sometimes affiliated with. The Someone ended up grilling Eric for said peoples’ home addresses and phone numbers, which he wouldn’t give out, and the Someone called him a stuck up dick. Honestly though I just always thought it was rude to give out someone’s personal info without their knowledge or permission, get over it.

When a cab pulled in front of ours on a rainy 3 AM nearly causing a collision and causing us both to smack our heads against the partition separating us from the cabbie, my streak of black humor made me wonder if it wasn’t him. I didn’t bother mentioning it aloud.

I made a wisecrack about the vituperative review of the Guggenheim Symbolist show in the NY Times after a friend posted it on Facebook. She was annoyed by how ill informed the critic seemed to be. A complete stranger liked the wisecrack…and then went on to like several of my old profile pics.


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