Painter, cartoonist, singer, performance artist, madvocate, ranter & rat afficianado (with cats as well.) Husbands & Wives with Mallets & Knives.




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  4. Bonji Bonji cla cla! I am banishing all my fears in the lonesome snow swept prairie. Beneath the Sangre de Christo mountains in southern Colorado, Hullabalooooooooowoo.
    I want you to look at my Bowie esqe illustrated video ” fake enlightenment” on YouTube by the Venice arts club, I’m hiding from my band. Back in Cali. They will never find me here. Hahahaha .
    My brain is slowly clearing from all the fluoride and aluminum and electromagnetic pollution. But now that it is quiet enough to hear my thoughts, they shock me with their banality.
    Ps love your work.


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