At Least I Remember How To Make Zines And Flyers

…since I doubt I’ll be able to afford non-neutral privatized internet. But while I’m on here I can talk about our performances in Pennsylvania this weekend.


Saturday December 16th in Easton PA, there will be a reading and multimedia slideshow for World War 3’s Fight Fascism! issue, which I believe is widely available as of this Wednesday. This will take place at Book & Puppet Co. and other presenters will be Seth Tobocman, Sandy Jimenez, and Rebecca Migdal. Also I should point out, since the comic I drew in this issue is actually a collaborative effort between me and Eric and he wrote the story, he’ll be doing the actual reading while I volca-drone.

Also Saturday night we’ll have enough of the Urchestra in one place with instruments and vox to perform Schwitter’s Ur Sonate, cuz that’s what we do.

Then on Sunday December 17th we’ll be in Philly for another release party and multimedia show for World War 3 Fight Fascism!, this time at Wooden Shoe Books and Records.



Rat Journal Vlog 4

Me and Eric are below Canal for a Feral House party with Christine Von Royce and Tommy Turner. Seeing Bush Tetras play. Remembering the Baby Doll (a s#!+hole), now some yuppie wine bar (even bigger s#!+hole).

So today I find that we have a week of down time before a weekend of shows and book promotion for the new WW3 in PA. (Barring Armageddon. Daniel Ellsberg tweeted something about Trump treating North Korea like his own Bay of Pigs or something. Except who has Russia for a sugar daddy now???) Can I do something constructive in this time?It seems more likely if I tell myself that hope is empty and don’t think too much about it, that it will happen.


World War 3 Illustrated presents : Fight Fascism release party tomorrow


At last the Fight Fascism! book is out through AK Press! Including in it’s pages “Preexisting Condition” , the collaborative comic me and Eric did about healthcare and disability.

Anyway, there’s an open release party December 5th at the SVA Amphitheatre 209 E. 23rd St Room 311 with several of the other artists reading presenting their work.


A Very _________ Black Friday Part 3


The Anticlimax.

Besides finishing inking this today, I went to butoh class (there’s butoh class I can afford to pay per class, and it’s right in the neighborhood, it turns out. Yes!) and me and Eric hammered out some dates with Seth in the immediate future for the touring multimedia show… I saw a bar graph thing parody recently on a tumblr page for schizoaffective disorder about “things I want to get done today” (big tall bar) vs. “things I have energy to actually accomplish” (little microdick bar). Sounds about right. So a day where I ink a page, practice an obscure Japanese dance form for 2 hours and feed the rats and fish is a winner. I owe it to iron-rich green veggies.

A Very _______ Black Friday part 2

20171126_030929The continuation of the story…

I  know Black Friday is over, but I ‘m inking a page a day. Only one left to go.

I  read somewhere that today had been deemed “small business Saturday “, the idea being to help local economies by only shopping at local Mom and Pop community businesses, instead of big faceless corporate chains.  A worthy idea, though I hope people understand that to help communities “small business ” ideally means one that’s really part of the community, not some “artisanal boutique whatever” opened by some rich kid who moved there six months ago.