Swarm (Daily Prompt)

I remember opening the door of the loft and seeing them sliding across the floor, fat yellow segmented bodies moving at lightning speed. Still, they hesitated long enough to let me catch a glimpse their fixed, leering eyes and pink lips parts to reveal stained teeth behind their manic grins. They would have been comical if they weren’t writhing all over the floor of the collective space, the Qlippotic cesspool we shared with the Evil Hippie Cult. Or if I wasn’t the only person who was seeing them, or hearing the clacking noise they made as they moved.




The day I watched you eat your your young

When there was nothing to be done

And all around the altars burned

Subjects seek approval in return

“We love you loyal”

Blood on your lips

“We love you loyal”

Crushed in your teeth

“We love you loyal”

Flesh on your tongue

“Love you loyal”

“Love you loyal”

That time I led your youth astray

To give them any other way

You swore you’d flay my skin alive

You’d think you were the one who’d died


Tonight NY Waste @ Art n A



NEW YORK WASTE: NYC’s only rock’n’roll underground newspaper

Thurs, 03 / 02 / 2017 – Thurs, 03 / 23 / 2017


Editor in Chief/co-founder & Photographer for the NY Waste.
Lucky grew up in London during the great Punk yrs. Lucky feels saved by Punk Rock’n’Roll. Lucky has done life in NYC doing a variety of jobs.
One day after having read the dictionary out of sheer boredom, Lucky moved on to the yellow pages to see what other people did in life and kept stopping at publishing, and so was born the New York Waste newspaper.
One thing about Lucky is that Lucky loves the printed page.
Always going to gigs and shows with some sort of camera in pocket, shooting the underground rock scene in NYC for 17 yrs exclusively for the New York Waste newspaper, “a little rag that I have put out since 97 with the help of some of the best, the weirdest and the wildest that nyc has to offer?”

Participating Artists:
Luke Palermo
Andrew Goldfarb “The Slow Poisoner”
Anthony Allen Begnal
Justin Melkmann
Bruce Alexander
Sergio Zuniga
Alan Rand
Christian Gabriel
Anjanette McGrath
Robert Butcher
Mary Knotts & Beppi
Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz
Vickers Bastard Gringo
Crazy Glenn Wernig
Lucky Lawler

The Floorshow…

…was another circa late 80’s early 90’s goth/death rock band Eric played drums in when he was out in Los Angeles. A few clips from the production demo recently surfaced, including this one set to a photo shoot which involves a number of pallid momento-mori-ous glamour shots of my husband in raven haired, kohled splendor.

So yeah. there’s that.

Umm tattoos. Eyeliner. Profile. Oh yeah, and love strength and emotional support.

Yesterday he went with me to the pet store to pick out fish for a desktop aquarium I’d gotten on sale the day before, mainly because I have so many recurring dreams where I’m taking care of fishtanks. He wanted to pick them out together. We decided on 5 neon tetras in different colors and a sucker fish to help keep the rocks at the bottom clean. The tank is set up on the counter by the kitchen table so we can watch them while we eat breakfast or dinner. It’s really nice.

Pill Rescuer

About three days ago I went down to Micheal’s to get frames for some drawings. On my way back I saw some prescription bottles lined up on a rail in front of a store window. It caught my attention so I got a closer look. The bottles were generics of klonopin and prozac, the same combo I was given when I first got stabilized. They were also pretty full. I saw an address printed on the bottle that was only a block away, and Chelsea being a nicer residential area than what I’m used to there was a 50/50 chance there would be a door person I could leave this with.

My instincts were correct. It wasn’t the fanciest building — seemed like a tenement that had been overhauled a bit so they could hike up the rent—but they had placed a desk in the little lobby and a man signing in visitors. “Excuse me is there a [redacted] living in this building?”I asked, not completely sure how to approach this.

“Yeah why, is she in some kind of trouble?” he said. Not very encouraging.

“I don’t know who she is, but I found these around the corner with this address on them.” I took the bottles out of my pants pocket and put them on the desk of the now wide-eyed concierge, who began to say “Ohhh maybe this is why she’s been having troubles today. Wandering the hallways. Where did you find them?”

I told him and he thanked me. He was trying to call up to her apartment as I left. The tone of concern in his voice made me wonder if she was a kid or an elderly person, if she had anyone living there with her. I hope this turned out ok.

Here’s one of the images I framed for an upcoming art show:


Blood Puddling Butterflies


Watercolor on paper.

I was inspired to paint this after reading that butterflies will drink blood from open wounds or pools. This is known as “puddling”.

I kill those agonizing bedbugs with relish, but I would let a butterfly drink out of one of my cuts in a heartbeat just to watch it happen. How superficial of me, I know.

Eaten Fish & Wet Foot Dry Foot


This is a drawing I made shortly before we left to call attention to Iranian refugee cartoonist Eaten Fish, who is being held at Manus Island along with two other journalists and seeking asylum in Australia. It was part of the #addafish campaign on his behalf.

Eaten Fish has a diagnosis of PTSD, severe OCD which manifests in needing to wash himself to the point of bleeding, and is prone to panic attacks, making him my cousin in mad pride as well as cartooning. He has been subjected to severe human rights abuses on Manus Island. Learn more at eatenfish.com and cartoonistsrights.org. He is currently on a hunger strike.

Meanwhile right here, I read an article today about Cubans who’ve been detained and deported of late, something I knew was going to become an issue. Let me be clear, I didn’t think it was fair to have a “wet foot dry foot” policy that singled out one group for treatment that didn’t apply to others. I also wasn’t deluded enough to think the exception was made from any compassion for Cubans, so much as the U.S. government’s hatred for communism and Castro. (I’d also like to be clear, if I haven’t been ad nauseum, that mis Abuelos immigrated here before the Revolution, because Batista was the dick!) Another link someone shared contained a photo essay from immigrant detainment centers meant to jar the American public awake with their overcrowded chain-link cages, trash and waste strewn floors, lack of medical attention. The kinds of things I’d usually only see footage of on Spanish TV news when I was looking after Abuelita. (make no mistake, these conditions existed before Trump. They existed under Obama and suspect they’d have continued under HRC. It’s just that under Trump I’m fearing the high-octane version.)